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Real estate round-up: September 30

Check in every business day for the latest edition of Real Estate Round-up, where we post a list of our favorite real estate news stories from DC and beyond.

Headlines from the DC Metro Area:

Autumn home selling and buying
Baltimore Sun

Home sales in the Baltimore area generally peak in June and slide pretty much for the rest of the year, so you can see why some would-be sellers pull their homes from the market with the idea of trying again the next year.

D.C. Economic Partnership not ready to go
Washington Business Journal

The nonprofit partnership describes itself as “your first point of contact for development and business opportunities in the District of Columbia.”

Tour Chancellor's Row development in Brookland
Curbed DC

Out of the one hundred homes in the first phase of their Chancellor's Row development in Brookland, only eleven remain on the market. Of those eleven, only two are available to move into this year.�

National real estate news stories:

In the beginning of land title claims
St. Augustine Record

If someone makes a title claim, it's up to the landowner to defend his ownership.� Title insurance not only provides and pays for legal representation to defend your ownership rights, it will also pay out the policy amount should that defense fail.�

Redfin Web site now publishes data on real estate agent success
The New York Times

The tool can help sellers find agents who are active and who have had success in their specific neighborhood. Using information from local multiple-listing services, where agents list the home they are representing for sale, the “Scouting Report” tool provides data on roughly one million agents.

Conforming loan limit drops Oct. 1
Housing Wire

Congress elevated the conforming loan limits in 2008 to allow the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac to insure and guarantee more mortgages when the credit markets froze.


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