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6 real estate headlines: 23-June

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

Index shows home prices rose
Wall Street Journal
: Compared with a year earlier, prices were still down 5.7%. April's index value was 182.4. A reading of 100 is equal to the price of homes in January 1991.
Obama launches foreclosure relief for unemployed
DC Urban Turf
: Under program guidelines, eligible homeowners can qualify for an interest-free loan that pays a portion of their monthly mortgage for up to two years or up to $50,000, whichever comes first.
Should you refinance?
: A well-executed refinance can lower your interest rate, lower your monthly payment and help you pay off your home more quickly.

FHA interest payoffs spark debate
Inman News
: If an FHA mortgage were paid off on the sixth day of the month the borrower could only be asked to pay interest for those six days under a new rule.

Retail coming soon to The Avenue in Foggy Bottom
DC Mud
: Residential units at The Avenue are ready to be occupied as well, and to date approximately 130 out of the 335 have been leased.

Where we live: South Run
Washington Post: Many of the streets do not have sidewalks, but there is relatively little traffic and so residents feel comfortable on foot.


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