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6 real estate headlines: 21-June

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

Boutique condo projects sell fast in Columbia Heights
DC Urban Turf
: In Columbia Heights condos sold out relatively quickly over the last year, evidence of the neighborhood's increasing popularity among condo buyers.
Home loan shopping still far from perfect
Inman News
: The mortgages being written today are certainly better matched to the needs and payment capacity of borrowers than they were before the crisis.
Debts that unsettle the score
Washington Post
: Lower scores are disqualifying borrowers from getting mortgages in today's toughened underwriting climate or forcing them to pay higher interest rates, fees and down payments.

Mortgage rates moved a little higher last week
: Mortgage rates managed a slight increase, perhaps the first sign that mortgage rates have fallen about as much as they can, signaling a foundation for the economy.

Housing remains a drag on U.S. growth
Wall Street Journal
: Persistently high inventory levels continue to push home prices lower. Any flattening of the downward spiral of U.S. home prices isn't likely until the end of 2011, economists add.
Changes coming to Miami-Dade foreclosure courts
Miami Herald
: Many of the changes are being made in order to speed the timeline of foreclosure, which has swollen to an average of more than 600 days in Florida.


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