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6 real estate headlines: 16-June

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

Tips for saving on title insurance
: At its most basic, title insurance protects the lender and sometimes the owner from possible loss of the property if someone else claims ownership on after the closing.
Double dip? Not in Washington, D.C.
The New York Times
: The Greater D.C. metro is an economic powerhouse. It currently ranks as the nation's eighth largest; with 5.5 million people and nearly $400 billion in economic output.
Maryland urges struggling homeowners to seek mortgage help
Baltimore Sun
: The number of delinquent borrowers here and nationally has eased in the last year after a rapid increase fueled first by bad lending practices and then by a deep recession.

Mortgage bankers push FHA to adopt e-signatures
Housing Wire
: The MBA said by allowing e-signatures on all forms, there would be less paperwork lost, fewer possibilities for fraud, a reduction in the time it takes to close a loan and lower costs for borrowers.

Angry homeowners 'foreclose' on lenders
The New York Times
: Owners of a house in Florida have engineered a reverse foreclosure against a bank. That makes two so far this year. Just one more, and it's officially a trend, right?
Senate lawmakers want tough approach in foreclosure talks
Wall Street Journal
: Senate Democrats on are calling on a federal bank regulator to take a tougher approach in fixing problems in banks' home-foreclosure practices.


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