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6 real estate headlines: 28-April

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

The Donald's real estate record
Wall Street Journal
: Though he's flirting with a presidential run, Donald Trump is a developer first. (As well a reality-show star, author, New York icon and hairstyle inspiration to millions.)
Prince William and Kate's starter home valued at over $76 million
Curbed DC
: Clarence House, where Middleton and Prince William will live once married, is valued at more than $76.68M and worth 343 times the average newlywed starter home ($223,282) in England.
Region's home price recovery tops U.S. in February
Washington Examiner
: Northern Virginia and the District are leading the rise in prices locally while the Maryland suburbs lag.
Home prices drop in 19 U.S. cities
Washington Post
: But economists and real estate agents are noticing what they call a key first step for any housing recovery: a drop in the glut of homes for sale in markets hit hardest by foreclosures.
Search to Web to save on title insurance
Philly.com: The one-time cost is usually paid at closing. Most buyers use the insurer their lender or lawyer recommends, though a 1974 federal law gives purchasers the right to choose.
Affordable rental housing scarce
Washington Post
: Analysts say they expect rents to keep climbing as developers try to ramp up new projects and catch up with demand.


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