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6 real estate headlines: 06-April

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

What makes DC the hottest real estate market?
Washington Examiner
: A confluence of factors, including low interest rates, steady job growth and low unemployment — thanks in part to military and the federal jobs — have put a fire under local home sales.
Housing bubble continues to haunt the Fed
Wall Street Journal
: Americans' love affair with housing is over. But, ironically, deflation of the bubble risks fueling consumer-price inflation.
Problems with new Good Faith Estimates
The New York Times
: Amid the uncertainty, a growing number of lenders have been furnishing consumers with their own custom “work sheets” as a supplement to � or in a few cases, in lieu of � the required disclosures.
Former real-estate developer thinks VA farm is fertile ground for business
Washington Post
: The scope and the design will likely not change very much, as the concept already has Board of Zoning Adjustment and Historic Preservation Review Board approvals.?
Shadow inventory shrinks, remains high
Market Watch
: The inventory of distressed homes lingering in the shadows of the U.S. real-estate market shrank slightly in January, but these properties will remain a major drag on the housing market.
10 things you should know about closing costs
DC Urban Turf
: The information in this article from Federal Title will help you better understand closing costs and teach you the right questions to ask your title or real estate agent.


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