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6 real estate headlines: 30-Mar

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, homebuyers and home sellers.

Real estate: It's time to buy again
: Data from research firm Metrostudy, which tracks new-home inventories for 65% of the U.S. market, show that the plummeting construction rate over the past few years has reversed a glut in supply.
Home prices fall in 19 major U.S. cities
Washington Post
: Home prices in the nation's capital are up 3.6 percent year over year and have risen nearly 11 percent since they bottomed out in March 2009.
New options for underwater home owners
: After banks' initial resistance to loan modification programs and refinancing designed to help struggling borrowers, many are now embracing programs for homeowners in trouble.
Administration proposes banks spend $20B to fix botched foreclosures
Washington Times
: If the plan succeeds, the president would attain a key goal without having to spend further federal dollars on the program.
Housing slump still here: Case Schiller
Wall Street Journal
: Heads of big banks have questioned the fairness of writing down loans, while claiming the costs could be enormous if widespread principal reductions are triggered by a settlement.
Broker's book of Beatles business trips
Inman News
: A Nashville real estate broker writes “Come Together: The Business Wisdom of the Beatles,” using anecdotes from the musicians' careers as springboards for lessons to aspiring business people.


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