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6 real estate headlines: 14-Mar

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

First steps toward buying a new home
: There are plenty of steps along the way to becoming a homeowner, but nothing can be more important than developing your own financial plan.
Thorny foreclosure questions
Washington Post
: Is someone going to tell me a back-office clerk mishandled my title and their actions threaten my legitimate ownership?
Behind the foreclosure crisis, big banks' reign of terror
Washington Post
: The problem in the nation's housing market now isn't subprime lending. It's subpar lenders.It's a bad situation – and the new majority in the House is poised to make it even worse.
Closing on your home: Are you walking in blind?
Fox Business
: By the time you arrive at the table to close on your home purchase, you're tired. It's been a long haul to get to this point, and the last thing you want is any kind of surprise.
More foreclosure irregularities alleged in Maryland
Baltimore Sun
: Prosecutors have launched an investigation into a complaint that more than 1,000 deeds for homes foreclosed upon in Maryland were improperly executed.
March expected to kick off new wave of home sales
Washington Examiner
: Home sales in the Washington area are expected to jump this spring as the number of pending sales in February has increased significantly compared with last year.


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