6 real estate headlines: 9-2

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

5 reasons to be optimistic about the economy
Washington Post:
A roaring recovery is probably not on the way, but here are five reasons that a slow-and-steady recovery is likely to continue.
A look at home prices in 20 U.S. cities
Washington Post
: Parents benefit from tax deductions for real property taxes, depreciation, costs of repairs and replacements and travel expenses to maintain the investment property.
Americans economic confidence ticks up a bit
BusinessWeek: But worries are rising the economy is growing too slowly to support sustained job growth. Some are concerned it could fall back into a recession.

Zoning out
The Economist: Washington is far too restrictive, car-oriented and anti-density. But to get an optimal amount of housing at the market price is just one goal in developing a great city.

Home price reports dont show a decline yet
Wall Street Journal: Analysts have been calling� for another 5-10% decline in prices this year, and markets are likely to log those drops later this year.
Neighborhood profile: Explore Deanwood, D.C.
Urban Turf
: Located east of the Anacostia River and just inside the Districts northeast border, Deanwood has long been viewed as a community with a small-town atmosphere.


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