6 real estate headlines: 8-26

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

How Americans will rebuild wealth following the recession
If people can no longer count on rising home values and the stock market as a way to build nest eggs, how are the average Joes among us ever going to accumulate any wealth?
Consider buying a home rather than paying dorm rent
Washington Post
: Parents benefit from tax deductions for real property taxes, depreciation, costs of repairs and replacements and travel expenses to maintain the investment property.
Home sales plunged in July
The New York Times: The steep descent surprised nearly every analyst and put the volume of single-family home sales at the lowest level since 1995.
More negative news flow coming in
Calculated Risk: The economy will avoid a technical double-dip recession, but the odds are uncomfortably high – and it will probably feel like a recession to millions of Americans.
Demand for mortgage-backed securities pushes rates down
Washington Examiner: A further drop in rates probably would do little to increase home sales but could spur a flood of refinancing among those whove refinanced once under the new rules.
Why small businesses arent hiring
The American
: In the recoveries from the previous two recessions, small businesses led job creation. This time, however, small businesses arent hiring.


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