Real estate news update: 6-30

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

Can social media help revive real estate?
Housing Wire:
As the real estate industry looks for new ways to market and sell property during the downturn, technology firms are launching ways to use social media.
Preparing for the next big one
The New York Times: Many on Capitol Hill insist Dodd-Frank means the end of the �too big to fail� culture, period. Many on Wall Street insist it means the end of American finance.
Home price stability in question for second half of 2010
NuWire: An oversupply of housing and a wave of distressed properties could drag down real estate prices in the US later this year, experts are warning.
Consumer confidence tumbles amid job uncertainty
NPR: Americans, worried about jobs and the sluggish economic recovery, had another relapse in confidence, causing a widely watched barometer to tumble in June.
Evening Star sale illustrates Districts appeal
Globe Street: Evening Stars sales price is definitely a leading indicator that the best office product in DC is still eagerly sought by the largest investment funds.
A closer look at the second leg down
: Without the heavy hand of the government intervening, the residential real estate market is about to experience what price discovery is all about.

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